With the Pandemic into its third year the need for healthcare service providers is more than important in the Nation’s recovery efforts. With many hospitals still in need of thousand of nurses to address the current continuous fight with Covid-19, the need for nurses, medical technologists, technicians and hospital staff is still the main focus. We are in need of healthcare service providers that are willing to be sponsored, deployed and placed in one of our facilities. With free visa sponsorship processing, free legal fees, free plane ticket to place of deployment, free 45 day (varies) accommodation starter, reimbursable items (varies per facility) and most of all a very competitive salary rate with unit differential, shift differential, medical insurance and benefits package.


  1. Taken NCLEX and passed (Any State, Active or Inactive)
  2. IELTS Academic overall score 6.5, Speaking 7, others 6.5 above.
  3. Visa Screen
  4. At least 1 years or more current experience as full time staff nurse in a tertiary hospital.
  5. Pending USCIS Priority Date (with and without)

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