INCARE Global is an American healthcare employment company specializing in the design and execution of customized medical professionals search programs to meet the overall business employment objectives and demands of our clients’ various geographic marketplaces. 

INCARE leverages its global business network and visionary business methods in delivering intelligent solutions for human resource placement and planning needs for American Healthcare Facilities.

INCARE offers foreign educated and trained registered nurses to serve Healthcare Facilities. INCARE also offers employment solutions for physical therapists, medical technologists and other medical technicians.  These health care professionals become our clients’ employee upon arrival to the U.S.

INCARE has expanded its employment services to other marketplaces including educators, professional truck drivers and the hospitality industry for hotels, casinos, and cruise ships. This expansion is a direct function and result of critical needs by U.S. employers who require both immediate and midterm employment solutions.

INCARE maintains an active online presence to better serve our clients and employees globally. INCARE‘s extensive employment network allows for a diverse inventory of candidates in the above areas to assist employers’ employment needs. INCARE’s employment procedures meet all U.S. Government requirements and exceed employer’s needs with timely and efficient processing including computer meetings with each candidate.  INCARE works to exceed both our clients’ and candidates’ requirements and expectations to the fullest extent possible.


To present confident professionals to meet all business needs.
Our MOTTO is Competency, Compassion, Reliability.