“U.S. Journey Testimony
This is an opportunity to be grateful and share my wishful American Dream.
Hi, I am Daphne Iris Apolonio, expressing my gratitude to INcare. INcare has helped me in many ways:

  1. Achieved my most awaited dream, United States of America.
  2. INCARE assisted me in many ways when there was a time in my life that I could not afford a visa screen. It is more than an assistance for an applicant like me.
  3. Provided an ELITE FREE Housing accomodation, Marriott Residence Inn, which other direct agencies don’t provide like my friend who is in Virginia, same day of flight with me. This is a great impact for INCARE who would significantly consider onboarding nurses.
    In sum, INCARE is more than a great service, reaching out the need of every applicant in the best way they can. Again, thank you so much especially to Ms Iris and Ms Fatima who supported and motivated me to where I am now.”
    – Daphe Iris Apolonio, USRN