“U.S. Journey TestimonyThis is an opportunity to be grateful and share my wishful American Dream.Hi, I am Daphne Iris Apolonio, expressing my gratitude to INcare. INcare has helped me in many ways: Achieved my most awaited dream, United States...


INCARE Global is an organization which values the healthcare professionals, nurses, doctors and all types of medical staff. As a healthcare professional, your job is caring for others. We see the value of  your profession, and how it impacts healthcare today.

We want to help ensure you have a productive career as a nurse in the United States.

For  hospitals and health centers, INCARE Global is dedicated in providing competent, compassionate and reliable nurses. We want all of our nurses to be dedicated to providing the highest care possible for the patient and health system.

INCARE Global is committed to both the medical worker and the hospital. Our mission is to bring both together. Help insuring nurses have a wonderful experience throughout their nursing career at a hospital/health system that cares for them.

We strive to provide only elite nurses to assist and render the best patient care possible by tailoring the patient’s personal needs and medical condition according to Doctor’s Orders, Protocol, Rules and Regulations of Hospital / Facility.

Candidates can be assured we keep track of their papers while in process, keep in touch with them so as to update them of the development of their applications, before they go to the United States of America; and after they arrive in the State where they will stay and  work.  We always take care of our nurses so as to assist them in the transition and adjustment periods in their new home.

INCARE Global’s mission is to help care for both of you, hospital and medical professional. While you care for others.


2023’s New Beginnings for Growth

As we start 2023 as the world adjusting and living with the “new normal” with the effects of Covid-19 that brought the Pandemic of this millenia we are in a threshold of needing healthcare providers and services and the necessity to have healthcare services professionals to cater that need.

INCARE Global is your solution. We provide nurses and other healthcare professionals to cater that necessity, to fill-up job posts and most of all to fill-up gaps in your facilities to address the ever growing need to care for your patients.

We can provide you with 200 – 300 nurses a year to meet your needs. With our technique and models to choose from, we can address and anticipate your future needs.

Marinel P.

“After almost 10 years of waiting, finally we are on our way to America to start realizing our dreams. Thank you Lord for all of these. YOU really know when is the right time for us. And this won’t...