Hospital Job Openings

  1. Nursing Home Nurses (Long term facilities) – Must have at least 1 year current hospital experience or long term care experience.
  2. Physical Therapists – Must have Masters/Doctorate (diploma and transcript), Pass the FCCPT. Meet ERs experience requirement, Visa Screen Certificate.
  3. Medical Technologists – Must have US licensure / Certification to practice and 2 years work experience
  4. Hospital Technicians – Must have US licensure / Certification and 2 years work experience
  5. Doctors – Must have Medical Education Equivalency, at least 2 years work experience. (Requirements is based on the Visa Category)

Other Job Openings

  1. Teachers – Multi-level job posts, must have US Teaching License, IELTS, Visa Screen / Certification / Verification
  2. Truck Drivers – Must have worked as truck driver / heavy equipment or industrial or construction trucks for at least 2 years current, passed general IELTS, at least college level.
  3. Hotel Workers / Cruise Ship / Industrial Ship / Hospitality